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Estrus Synchronization and Artificial Insemination Protocol

Estrus synchronization and artificial insemination offer many benefits to the producer. Estrus synchronization can result in a large percentage of the herd conceiving on the same day and therefore calving in a very tight window of time. This offers many management and labor-saving benefits to the producer and results in heavier calves at weaning. Artificial insemination is facilitated by the estrus synchronization protocol and provides access to superior genetics and breeding strategy such as selecting for calving ease or growth performance.

Beef and Dairy Example:

Common Protocols:

7 day CoSynch + CIDR

  • Day 0: Insert CIDR, GnRH injection

  • Day 7: Remove CIDR, PG injection

  • Day 10: (60-66hrs) A.I., GnRH injection


14 day CIDR – PG

  • Day 0: Insert CIDR

  • Day 14: Remove CIDR

  • Day 30: PG injection

  • Day 33: (66hrs) A.I., GnRH injection

The cost may vary significantly on a per head basis depending on several factors. One straw of semen is used per cow at breeding. Semen cost varies depending on the bull chosen, however, $20-$25 per straw is common. Veterinary costs include farm call fees for each required visit ($39 minimum), professional services fees for administering hormone treatments and performing inseminations ($150/hr), and the cost of medications used (approx. $20/hd depending on the protocol used). $75-$85 per head is a useful number to approximate overall expense. A successful program results in a 65-70% pregnancy rate.

CCVS can assist you with choosing and implementing an estrus synchronization protocol, provide the medications required, aid in bull selection and acquire and store semen, and perform insemination at the specified time. I can also consult with you in regards to other factors such as proper vaccination, nutrition and cow condition that contribute to a successful A.I. program.

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